One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death... 

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Bring Me The Horizon - One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death... (Lyric Video)
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on the verge of no return    
why’d you keep fucking it up 
don’t want to have to bury you 
but nothing seems to get through your skull 
one day the only butterflies left will be in your chest
as you march towards your death breathing your last breath
i hate to say i told you so 
but look how the bruises show 
tell me 
how’s it gonna feel 
without my arms wrapped around, wrapped around you. 
bet it feels pretty real when your skin starts to peel from the bone.  
you were dead to the world  
now Ii’m dead to you 
haunting your own house 
nothing to lose 
how did i let you sink your fangs so deep?
you know you can’t breathe on your own.  
past the point of rescuing 
why’d i keep pushing my luck 
the hole i wore into your soul has got too big to overlook 
one day the only butterflies left will be in our chests
as we march towards our death breathing our last breath
i thought we had a future 
but we ain't got a chance in hell 
so tell me 
how’s it gonna feel 
without my arms wrapped around, wrapped around you. 
bet it feels pretty real when your skin starts to peel from the bone.  
you were dead to the world  
now i’m dead to you 
haunting your own house 
nothing to lose 
i let you sink your fangs so deep
you know I can’t breathe on my own.  
the sun is setting on our love, i fear
letting our loneliness out into the atmosphere 
the tide is turning on our chance to turn it round 
i never thought id see my fingernails fall out.
love isn’t in the air. 
#BringMeTheHorizon #BMTH #OneDayTheOnlyButterfliesLeftWillBeInYourChestAsYouMarchTowardsYourDeath


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Oct 30, 2020




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Aida Zec
Aida Zec 2 hours ago
SIS WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE SONG UR LISTENNING TO?! UUUUUUUUhhhhhhhhh...........Its jdhdjddhjfgkffgjrkekhekdkenbfvrklehrlejrhe by bmth WTF
Constantius Damar
Constantius Damar 7 hours ago
pass the flask !
Brett birleson
Brett birleson 8 hours ago
Dear whoever is reading this, I may not know you. But i care about you, you may not be here for a good reason, however please trust me it will pass soon. You will be loved, people do love you. Reach out. You will heal. Sometimes all it takes is a little time
Juli Thomas
Juli Thomas 20 hours ago
am I crazy or they changed the video a little bit?
Judy Lynn Moore
Very powerful, can't stop listening I wish they would do a video!
i wanna send it to her but it was 9 months so she wouldnt care and probably ask me how i didnt move on yet. Lol almost an year of a living nightmare
Luiz Corona
Luiz Corona 5 days ago
The watch of the buried? Is that you?
Aninha 7 days ago
Bmth sempre muito bom aiai 👉👈
nanda duarte
nanda duarte 7 days ago
Um Dia, As Únicas Borboletas Restantes Estarão Em Seu Peito Enquanto Você Marcha Em Direção À Morte (part. Amy Lee) (Ooh-ooh-ooh) (Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh) (Ooh-ooh-ooh) (Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh) Na limite sem retorno, por que você continua estragando tudo? Não quero ter que te enterrar, mas nada parece entrar pelo seu crânio Um dia as únicas borboletas restantes estarão no seu peito Enquanto você marcha em direção à sua morte, dando seu último suspiro Eu odeio dizer que eu te avisei, mas olha como os hematomas aparecem Diga-me, como vai se sentir Sem meus braços ao seu redor, ao seu redor? Aposto que parece bem real Quando sua pele começar a soltar do osso Você estava morto para o mundo, agora estou morta para você Assombrando sua própria casa, nada a perder Como eu deixei você cravar suas presas tão fundo? Ah Você sabe que não pode respirar por conta própria Passado do ponto de resgate, por que eu continuo abusando da minha sorte? O buraco que fiz em sua alma ficou grande demais para deixar passar Um dia as únicas borboletas restantes estarão em nossos peitos Enquanto marchamos em direção à nossa morte, dando nosso último suspiro Eu pensei que tínhamos um futuro, mas não temos nem chance no inferno Diga-me, como vai se sentir Sem meus braços ao seu redor, ao seu redor? Aposto que parece bem real Quando sua pele começar a soltar do osso Você estava morto para o mundo, agora estou morta para você Assombrando sua própria casa, nada a perder Como eu deixei você cravar suas presas tão fundo? Ah Eu sei que eu não posso respirar por conta própria (você sabe que não pode respirar por conta própria) Como eu posso respirar por conta própria? (Como você pode respirar por conta própria?) O Sol está se pondo em nosso amor, temo eu Deixando nossa solidão sair para a atmosfera A maré está mudando na nossa chance de dar a volta por cima Eu nunca pensei que veria minhas unhas caírem O amor não está no ar, o amor não está no ar O amor não está no ar, o amor não está no ar
TheAlchemyGothic Stieg
Judy Lynn Moore
Judy Lynn Moore 8 days ago
That's was beautiful and haunting and very profound in my life right now!
Martin Babm
Martin Babm 9 days ago
Im so lucky
Martin Babm
Martin Babm 9 days ago
Martin Babm
Martin Babm 9 days ago
I'm the luckiest person to hear this before my death.
veronica cassitta
veronica cassitta 11 days ago
why this song reminds me of a donghua ost lmao
Kaushik Jaisankar
Kaushik Jaisankar 11 days ago
A song doesn't need to be heavy to be heavy
Eva Filio
Eva Filio 13 days ago
Jex Waste
Jex Waste 14 days ago
Its just me or this sounds like a league of legends song??
phant0m gaming
phant0m gaming 15 days ago
Imagine this as a trailer for a movie
Betti V
Betti V 16 days ago
Christian Bartsch
Christian Bartsch 16 days ago
feel it!♥
Cayetano Yepes Avilés
Me siento como si estuviera solo con esta cancio, y es que lo estoy
saci de patinete
saci de patinete 17 days ago
Holy fuck. I traveled to my inner self listening to this song.
Cleyton Walison
Cleyton Walison 18 days ago
Quem canta esta música com o vocalista?
Eduarda M.
Eduarda M. 15 days ago
Amy Lee, vocalista do Evanescence.
Chibi0vampyre 0
Chibi0vampyre 0 18 days ago
good morning!
good morning! 19 days ago
amy lee, the mother of rock, as mother nature is so so fitting
Hex Addams
Hex Addams 19 days ago
We gotta start taking better care of the world.. this is a warning 💯
DjuhloBear 20 days ago
Just broke with the most amazing person in the world. Will listen to this for the rest of this day. Only thing and feeling I've got in me.
Emily Feuerstake
Emily Feuerstake 21 day ago
It does feel very real.
Stephany Kaiser
Stephany Kaiser 22 days ago
menkenmusic fan
menkenmusic fan 23 days ago
You don’t have to live with the bitter truth. There’s much more in store for you than that. Your Heavenly Father loves you. You can find peace, joy, and truth through the Savior Jesus Christ. You don’t have to wander in darkness and waste time on negativity anymore. Can you see you’ve been doing this for so many albums now, and you are still frustrated, burdened, and locked up inside? You can give Him your burdens and live a wonderful and freeing life serving Him! Satan wants us to feel limited and small. He keeps us living in the past or worried about the future. The devil wants us to focus more on our problems than on the Savior because he knows that’s how we are hindered. When we live in the present, we live in the calm quiet stillness that invites God’s Spirit into our life. We don’t have to live in fear, rage, feeling trapped, and overwhelmed. Jesus Christ can heal you. Please; won’t you let Him be the focus of your music, lyrics, and life?
Tom Mole
Tom Mole 24 days ago
This one has been on repeat for a few days now. The production is fascinating..
Lucy Michela
Lucy Michela 25 days ago
Fall Out Boy finally topped for titles though :P
Roberta Castro
Roberta Castro 26 days ago
pedro6720 27 days ago
Almost didn’t click. While searching “Amy Lee” I saw this appeared but couldn’t see her name in the title. Anyway, I ended up here in order to see the full title of the song and Were so surprised to actually hear Amy singing. New song!
мвтм 29 days ago
Holly shit
Emily S
Emily S 29 days ago
If this doesn't make you emotional about going vegan for the planet, I don't know what will.
Annmarie McQueen
Annmarie McQueen 29 days ago
This song is beautiful but it's also a premonition of the future which is horrifying
best song but, i have a bad history with this song. ive ended up with my girl, this song always we played when we in together. but now this song remembered me of past time lolol. but STIL THE BEST BMTH X AMY LEE
carolisnotok s
carolisnotok s Month ago
Sidsel Overgaard
This is simply amazing ! 😁🙌🏻 I hope you are gonna make a live performance together, or a video where you are singing together 🤟🏼❤️
Yūrei_Kumoi Month ago
Tis song makes me feel like if I were in a church at night when I close my eyes
Angie Lane
Angie Lane Month ago
Painfully beautiful. 😥
Black Dragon
Black Dragon Month ago
when the link is shorter than the song name
BAD ASTRO Month ago
This is majestic!!!
John Gio cabbuag
Is it just me or this song reminds me of Gut's theme from Beserk?
Weronika Dyguła
OMG this song is so angelic
Наби Исаханов
MAN I'M STILL WAITING FOR THIS COLLAB uslift.info/one/iYa0rKWVtWxyvJI/video.html
Ami lee?
리켈 Month ago
I cant get this song outta my head, it's literally got my head running 24/7. Im just repeating the same lyrics over and over again for the whole day. Guys, how do I get out of this addiction, when I dont rly want to get rid of it?
Quen Month ago
Some sites say “I feel so dead for you” instead of “love isn’t in the air”, and it does sound so! What’s going on?? Are they right??
Zehra Nur Aslaner
finally an official music video with the full lyrics in the description box
Mallem Hussey
Mallem Hussey Month ago
I’m not the only non depressed person that loves this song
Cameron Hale
Cameron Hale Month ago
Having a metal version of this would go so hard
Law Light
Law Light Month ago
anyone else get ramin djawadi vibes from the melody? especially towards the end
Vlad Hlushchenko
Прекрасный дуэт
Yogi Pangestu
Yogi Pangestu Month ago
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Month ago
bettter without you the best song
Ana Paola
Ana Paola Month ago
Came to this song after reading the recent attack on titan chapter and damn ...
EvG Hallzyy
EvG Hallzyy Month ago
The real question is who’s ready to take their last breath in this world? I know I’m ready to die for my blood and anyone who’s still stands by my side, just know even though we’ve never met before.. I stand by you too💯🔥
Barry Weaver
Barry Weaver Month ago
Call of Duty 2 Zombies, the map Buried, when you unlock the song that dark melody sounds heckling familiar
Scythe Papa
Scythe Papa Month ago
ok the ending really just left me hanging so terribly... i was expecting it to literally smash me but... that buildup left me empty and feeling guilty for desiring for more
Angeliki Fotopoulou
At first, I hated how the song ended. I felt like the ending was rushed and the build-up before that left me hanging. But then I realised how perfect this is: the relationship (between mother nature and mankind) cut forever, unexpectedly and without a warning.
1an0r Z
1an0r Z Month ago
MusicIlya Month ago
I'm really glad that BMTH is coming back to its roots. Love this new album!!!
ejune03 Month ago
My favorite BMTH song since drown.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Month ago
my favorit evanescence song going under
Nell nonexistent
Imani S
Imani S Month ago
This is the collaboration I never knew I needed and I literally started crying when I first listened to it. I immediately recognized Amy’s amazing vocals and I was just super excited they would collab!
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith Month ago
My favorite female vocalist with my favorite male vocalist my life is complete.
Chris Foster
Chris Foster Month ago
The very beginning of this song gives me horizon:zero dawn OST vibes
Axel Dahlberg
Axel Dahlberg Month ago
Beginning reminds me of Horizon: Zero Dawn!
Thesna Bierman
Thesna Bierman Month ago
What row emosional song it cut deep.But butterfly let me feel boundless.
Roman Picisan
Roman Picisan Month ago
Love from indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩
Matiyasu Koizumi
Oh god!!! I gotta do an acapella cover
Inclining Rug
Inclining Rug Month ago
Listening to this just once is not enough...so SO powerful...
oli sykes fan club
i can understand if older bmth fans don’t like their new music, because obviously their sound has changed a lot, but even if you’re an older bmth fan you have to admit this is a good song lmao
Benjamin Nicholson
Brah this song hit me so hard in the feels
paman saturnus
paman saturnus Month ago
GILA.. keren banget sumpah.. mpe merinding dengernya..
Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller Month ago
Hate my ex but glad he showed me this song
Siapa takut
Siapa takut Month ago
Vidolin nilodiV
Vidolin nilodiV Month ago
So poetic. I loved and enjoyed this masterpiece so much.
Dasha Official
Dasha Official Month ago
one word.: Goosebumps
Crow Month ago
That's a heavy handed title if I have ever seen one.
Souldread Month ago
Metal Version of the "Butterflies" with Guitars, Bass and Drums on my channel! 🤘😉🤘
Vacantspace Month ago
It’s Amy Lee. That’s it, that’s my response.
Alison WhatdoIdohere
Is bring me to horizon pulling a fall out boy?
Rachel Barnes
Rachel Barnes Month ago
This is one the most powerful songs I've ever heard. Makes my heart race.
Chain Rxn
Chain Rxn Month ago
Swear.... Every time i listen it says something different to me. Very humbling every time. Masterful.
alastair taylor
alastair taylor Month ago
-coughs- umm excuse me this needs a grammy
ดวงกมล ธุระธรรม
Greeting from thailand.
jazon pugepuge
jazon pugepuge Month ago
Omg ❤️❤️❤️
We Are Not Your Nancho
The ending haunts my life.
LJusedbullet Month ago
On the surface it seems like just another ♥️LOVE SONG💔 but when you really listen, you see it’s Mother Nature’s battle with humanity on how we’re fucking up our world 🌏 Amy Lee is breathtaking as usual 🦋🦋🦋 and Oil, well he’s Oli 🖤
Vannah Rose
Vannah Rose Month ago
This made me wanna cry bro tf
William Brown
William Brown Month ago
I appreciate the depth: melody, vocals, chords, lyrics, emotion, etc. Amazing composition/ song.
Paolo Month ago
John Paul Young: Love is in the air Oli: nope
По Про
По Про Month ago
MrGrimlocksmash Month ago
This literally gave me chills
Κάλλια Μαούνη
This gives me chills every time I listen to it. Stop listening to "driver's license" and listen to this MASTERPIECE
vestagoddess _
vestagoddess _ Month ago
Sergio Gabriel Gracia Alvarado
¡Great song!
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