Bring Me The Horizon - 1x1 (Lyric Video) ft. Nova Twins 

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Bring Me The Horizon - 1x1 (Lyric Video) ft. Nova Twins
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disconnected from the world again.
no, the sun don’t shine in the place i’ve been.
so why you keep acting like i don’t exist?
i Feel like i’m ready to die but i can’t commit.
so i ask myself,
when will i learn? 
i’d set myself on fire to feel the burn.
i’m scared that i’m never going to be repaired. 
 put me out of my misery, 
my mind feels like an archenemy
can’t look me in the eyes
i don’t know what hurts the most
holding on or letting go
reliving my memories
and they’re killing me one by one. 
 sabotaged myself again
got a brain like a hurricane
me and that bitch no we can’t be friends 
and i don’t even care no. 
got me sinking to a dark place 
outta love 
evil twin under the staircase 
oh my god 
think i’m looking at a long night 
i’m alone 
i’m alone 
i’m alone 
i’m alone 
but i’m numb 
annihilation never looked so good. 
shut up!
hush your mouth you talk too much.
put me out of my misery, 
my mind feels like an archenemy
can’t look me in the eyes
i don’t know what hurts the most
holding on or letting go
reliving my memories
and they’re killing me one by one. 
and i’m staring into the void again
no one knows what a mess i’m in
the voices in my head say i’m just being paranoid
but it’s bad for my health
how much i hate myself,
i suffocate, 
the weight,
it pulls me underneath. 
#BringMeTheHorizon #BMTH #BMTH1x1 #BringMeTheHorizonftNovaTwins


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Oct 30, 2020




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Comments 100   
Aida Zec
Aida Zec 3 hours ago
To much Linkin park comments-
Nick D.
Nick D. 20 hours ago
That's some classic sh*t right there
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis 23 hours ago
Such a good song
AquaPhoenixVGC 2 days ago
I feel like I'm ready to die, but I can't commit
adrienne hodgins
adrienne hodgins 2 days ago
norxiez 3 days ago
"but it's bad for my health how much i hate myself" - best lyric- i felt that
Fly Superable
Fly Superable 4 days ago
"But its bad for my health, how much I hate myself"
J U X 6 days ago
remind me of gravity falls
I don't know
I don't know 7 days ago
This track hits me hard
mufazal tompless
mufazal tompless 7 days ago
i feel cool walk slowly alone while listening this song
ozvandroid 8 days ago
This is the BMTH we need
Bethany Ciepley
Bethany Ciepley 8 days ago
Fuck yeah
Bethany Ciepley
Bethany Ciepley 8 days ago
Vick yeah
Man6Taz TV
Man6Taz TV 9 days ago
"Evil twin under the staircase" , a shinning reference perhaps?
karina putri
karina putri 9 days ago
Whispy 12 days ago
This song hits deep, every single bit of it. I can identify with it word for word
hmmm okay
hmmm okay 13 days ago
who tf pissed ollie
Logan ASMR
Logan ASMR 13 days ago
I could hear gravity falls in the opening lol.
Why is what where? Hmmm?
Wow. I hated metal core after leaving it behind including bmth. I like classical, orchestral soundtracks. I found this on accident and this shit hits like w o a h 👁 👄 👁
Renan Abano
Renan Abano 12 days ago
This sound is not metal core, its more like a radio pop rock mainstream... The track dear diary on the same album is the metal core sound to it.. this have the old linkin park and other nu metal band vibes back in early 2000's.
Kaos1382 13 days ago
I feel like I'm ready to die but I can't commit.
Peter Brown
Peter Brown 14 days ago
BMTH is now on a higer tier of the Rock music ladder ! So many good songs came out last year!
Handika Catur Mahardika
hopefully, TikTok fangay didn't come here
manal 30
manal 30 10 days ago
Yunda nanda Eka kharisma
Gak pernah saya foto, sudah jelas" reliving my memories ~!
Brittany C
Brittany C 15 days ago
I'm kinda going through alot right now and I think this track has helped
Bruno Isaias
Bruno Isaias 16 days ago
Agora tem que fazer uma música falando do auxílio emergencial
Damaris Andujar
Damaris Andujar 16 days ago
This is my favorite song I absolutely love it
Альфарий Омегон
песня прекрасна, но голос Оли не идет в сравнение с тем же Ронни Радке
Appa yipyip
Appa yipyip 19 days ago
favorite song in the new album
Chiara Fulgenzi
Chiara Fulgenzi 19 days ago
This song is good but it needs also the bass 😵😵
Willow Doherty
Willow Doherty 19 days ago
This song feels like my exact situation
Sin_Wraith 20 days ago
This sounds like Omori and Basil's theme xD
Roberto Zarate
Roberto Zarate 22 days ago
Miss you so much Celes.
noorz_ Rayz_
noorz_ Rayz_ 22 days ago
This bring me back memories...and not many of nowadays musics are awesome like this one
Minx- 22 days ago
I understand that someone will end up telling me grow up and move on. But just found out she got engaged. She gone. And I just wanted one more chance to make it right I miss her. My thoughts my dreams I hate being in my head and to shy to try to break away from the chains I've wraped around myself... I just wish I had the chance to fix it to fix the problem I've become..
Ruben Medina
Ruben Medina 23 days ago
In given up from linkin park, in the scream chester say "Put me out of my misery" and oliver in this song say the same, Oliver miss chesster :(
Vocacore And J-Music
Let's hope this gets a video it woul be amazing
Aubry Matthews
Aubry Matthews 24 days ago
When ur minecraft gf dumps u for the cool skin pack guy
Ouriel Zeboulon
Ouriel Zeboulon 25 days ago
Horizon Park
Thiago AA
Thiago AA 25 days ago
Que maravilha de música puta uquil paril! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Bastian Mardones
Bastian Mardones 25 days ago
Reliving my memories🔪
Brandon Kenney
Brandon Kenney 25 days ago
Don't ever compare Bring Me The Horizon to Linkin Park. I know what a lot of you are trying to say and I get it. But two totally different vocalists that are a part of two totally different groups. Have more respect for Oli Sykes and Chester Bennington.
M1ShowW [Mike]
M1ShowW [Mike] 25 days ago
Я от Андрюхи
PlusiK 26 days ago
Кто от элите?
ВОВа яковВлев
Кто из телеги Алко одессита?
Kevin Chavez
Kevin Chavez 26 days ago
Ann Sparta
Ann Sparta 26 days ago
Bruh BMTH released this album and said “THIS IS FOR YOU”. These lyrics are too relatable it’s crazy. Nevertheless I love the genre
Firdaus Zainudin
Firdaus Zainudin 27 days ago
This is like Linkin Park Post Meteora alternate universe....
Hexa Promos
Hexa Promos 27 days ago
Man, the hook "Put me out of my misery" cuts really deep with me
Lil Sarada
Lil Sarada 27 days ago
Omg this is so fucking good☠🖤
Melissa 28 days ago
Holy shit! I was randomly looking up songs and this popped up. I'm obsessed.
Jacopo Lucido
Jacopo Lucido 28 days ago
2:29 In the background what is the effect of the voice? Harmonizer?
Alex Andrei Licuanan
Linkin Park - Somewhere I belong and Avril Lavigne - Don't Tell Me VIBES
Din Dina
Din Dina 29 days ago
are you cloned like someone?
artdo mahardhika
0:06 Uh huh, you know what it is Black and yellow Black and yellow Black and yellow Black and yellow Yeah uh huh, you know what it is Black and yellow Black and yellow Black and yellow Black and yellow
Alberto Cortez Torres
What kind of linkin park is this?. Sounds like given up song
GUI 811 ;-;
GUI 811 ;-; Month ago
Melhor música do mundo!
Vale Coiro
Vale Coiro Month ago
Every time i do throug a depressive episode i listen to this song. This year i got the courage to ask for help, and i will start taking antidepressants. I cant wait to listen to this song only because its a banger
BasaraCS Month ago
x1 lixo?
sumateratortoise dunasution
Talon Mathis
Talon Mathis Month ago
Relate to this song so much since the world went to shit 💔💔💔
Putra Endoh
Putra Endoh Month ago
hey guys, i'm doing a cover of bmth songs in my channel it really helps me if you guys could check it out and tell me what you think, thanks
Koehler CG
Koehler CG Month ago
ojala hagan una version donde saquen a ft. nova twins xd
jetsetgraves Month ago
this its suicide season.
deusz Month ago
such an insanely good track. it's a real shame "nova twins" came in with that mediocre first part of their verse, other than that it's incredible
Rehan Hakim
Rehan Hakim Month ago
This sounds like it could be the soundtrack for a movie.
RazeHell Unorthodox
This song is relatable
9Virtues Month ago
i just wish i could tell people how i feel
Brandon Betts
Brandon Betts Month ago
“Got a brain like a hurricane, me and that bitch no we cant be friends.”
ArsiekDHOL Month ago
I just like the linkin park vibe is this song but still true to Bring me the horizon !!! what a BANGER !!!
Mai Sakurajima
Mai Sakurajima Month ago
Disconnected from the world again No, the sun don't shine in the place I've been So why you keep acting like I don't exist? Yeah, feel like I'm ready to die, but I can't commit So I ask myself, when will I learn? I'd set myself on fire to feel the burn I'm scared that I'm never gonns be repaired Put me out of my misery My mind feels like an archenemy Can't look me in the eyes I don't know what hurts the most Holding on or letting go Reliving my memories And they're killing me one by one Sabotaged myself again Got a brain like a hurricane Me and that bitch, no, we can't be friends And I don't even care, no Oh, got me sinking to a dark place (outta love) Evil twin under the staircase (oh, my god) Think I'm looking at a long night I'm alone, I'm alone, I'm alone, I'm alone Terrified (terrified) I am numb (but I'm numb) Annihilation never looked so good Shut up Hush your mouth, you talk too much Put me out of my misery My mind feels like an archenemy Can't look me in the eyes I don't know what hurts the most Holding on or letting go Reliving my memories And they're killing me one by one And I'm starin' into the void again No one knows what a mess I'm in The voices in my head say I'm just being paranoid But it's bad for my health How much I hate myself I suffocate, the weight It pulls me underneath Put me out of my misery My mind feels like an archenemy Can't look me in the eyes I don't know what hurts the most Holding on or letting go Reliving my memories And they're killing me one by one And it's killing me one by one And they're killing me one by one
Luis Arnold
Luis Arnold Month ago
This and the can you feel my heart remix go hand in hand
Mak Ahmed
Mak Ahmed Month ago
but it's bad for my health how much I hate myself... This hurt me a lot
Nutchapon Danthanasaradee
I feel like this was one of the weakest track when it just come out. After a few listen, I've changed my mind. This song is awesome, up there with one of the best song in this ep.
Yes it very much is a Linkin Park reference but am I the only one who also hears the Breaking Benjamin influence in the song??
kuzja124 Month ago
this needs more likes
rumi K
rumi K Month ago
Absolute banger.
DINIZ Forever
DINIZ Forever Month ago
Essa musica atingiu a perfeição pqp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Criss Chan
Criss Chan Month ago
link me in the horizon and im loving all in this track
irfani ahmad
irfani ahmad Month ago
Oh shit, This is best song in New Album Bring me the horizon 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Puja Wardana
Puja Wardana Month ago
"No one knows what a mess i'm in, the voices in my head say im just being paranoid" This lyric make me cry so hard
EOK Month ago
Beni öldürüp acıma son ver
Lautaro Martinez
Con esa instrumental , y diciendo la frase "put me out of my misery" esto tiene que ser un homenaje a Linkin Park
Rothardo Month ago
This is the coolest 2020 song
Alαɴ ツ
Alαɴ ツ Month ago
I'm addicted again
Faridsm Fina
Faridsm Fina Month ago
REQ V-CLIP PLEASE...................
Head to Hop_YT
Head to Hop_YT Month ago
Nothing off this song, but the line should have been "my body and mind feel(s) like an archenemy." :*
mmiihhaa100 Month ago
Someone else gets one more light kinda feels ? specially when he sings first verse
Music Rock Station
I challenge you to find a song with a better chorus than this one. Honestly this is one of the best song i’ve listened to during last couple of years. Bring Me The Horizon are always one step ahead
Grunge is dead
Grunge is dead Month ago
i think i will not get bored of listening to this song
MusicIlya Month ago
I'm really glad that BMTH is coming back to its roots. Love this new album!!!
Gleavage13 Month ago
But its bad.. for my health.. how much I hate myself.
Maria Georgaras
Maria Georgaras Month ago
Anyone else getting Wandavision vibes from this song?
BANG IAN .EXE. Month ago
lov u bro from indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Derpydude Month ago
This song hit me like a truck. I’m so guilty of my past behavior and always feeling like I cannot ever change. I just wanna feel valid and better myself to everyone that is around me. I’m haunted by my relationship with my ex, the people I’ve let down, my dark place. This song is amazing, and I love the linkin park vibes ❤️ I am bettering myself and seeing a therapist.
gabi Month ago
tonito1996__ Month ago
thatguy onxbox
thatguy onxbox Month ago
First song that ever made me cry. Didn't need to hear this right after being dumped by my gf of 6 years. It actually hurts in the chest, knowing you have to move on because someone is happier without you💔
Nick Nicholson
Nick Nicholson 2 days ago
My wife at the time left when this song first released. I cried multiple times to it, I thought I would never get over it but here we are 5 months later and it's getting better. we were in a dark place and I still am a lot of times but life is getting better day by day. Follow the light and know that there is a reason we go through the things we do. I pray for her still but I can't go back to what I had become with her, we are divorced now and have not said a word to eachother the whole way. Like oli says, I don't know what hurts, holding on or letting go. Letting go is how you'll eventually allow yourself to be happy again. there's no point in holding on when there's a higher destiny ahead of us. I'll pray for you my guy, we got this. I can bang my head to this song now and I feel stronger than when I first heard it. Don't let up, keep pushing to become a better person from it. in your weakness you'll become strongest
Rahul Bhatt
Rahul Bhatt 29 days ago
@thatguy onxbox Be strong. Don't beg .Invest in yourself.There are way better millions girls out there, Soon you'll find the girl you deserve & you'll be much more happier trust me.
thatguy onxbox
thatguy onxbox Month ago
I really do appreciate you all. I want you all to know that I'm healing more every day. In fact in talking to a new girl right now that is making me feel alot better.
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Month ago
Literally same here dude I feel you.
Adam F Khariri
Adam F Khariri Month ago
it's ok to crying :) and i believe you can through from that situation bro ✨
Mary Jane Trayag
I love this!
Gozo Fightz
Gozo Fightz Month ago
Honestly the is an amazing song jeez😍
David47 Month ago
I'm straight up getting Linkin park vibes Which I absolutely loveeee ❤️🖤 But the same time I'm a bit worried about Oli ☹️
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